Led strip lights used in chip:chip have domestic chip and Taiwan chip and chip imports(Including the Germany chip United states chips and Japanese chip)Different chips,prices vary widely,Currenly the most expensive American chips,followed by japan and Germany chip,The highest cost-effective is Taiwan chip.Specific uses what chip,To what kind of effect,Before you buy first knew it.

LED Package:sub silicone resin encapsulation and packaging.Resin package price should be cheaper,Others are the same.Silicone encapsulated heat dissipation,so the price is slightly more expensive than the resin package 

 LED welding effect:LED strip light the assembly of two kinds of hand soldering and welding machines.Hand soldering iron is using the most primitive methods for welding.such practices into the product first appearance of unsightly.two electrostatic maintenance measures are not good,a lot of the led chip is the breakdown,resulting in micro-light when powered on or off phenomenon.With reflow soldering machine for welding,soldering machine is not the same.The products not only look beautiful after welding and will not appear burned chip is static phenomenon.Meanwhile,LED position and orientation are more beautiful.This can be seen directly from the appearance.

LED color consistency:At present,there are many packaging factory.there are thousands of large and small,add up,of course,the strength of the strong and weak points,Spectral separation of the LED without its color consistency is poor,bring lit led strip lights installed inthe rear of the effect is not so good,of course,the price difference is relatively large.

LED Brightness:Different brightness LED prices are different.Normal brightness of the LED price difference compared poor.Therefore,the time of purchase must clearly know what they need brightness,such talent accurate positioning their products.


Warranty Policy
1.Flexible Led strip,Rigid Led strip: 3 years
2.Led Spotlight,Led Bulb: 3 years 
3.Led Down light: 3 years
4.Led Ceiling  light: 3 years

RB Lighing Delivery time: 

3 days for samples

7 days for order

4-7days for Fast International Express